Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement

  1. Registration A signed Guest or Seasonal Agreement plus Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement along with a copy of current unit/trailer/vehicle insurance and registration, as well as, a valid driver license(s)are all required to obtain camping sites or car pass(s).
  2. Insurance Hidden Creek Campground shall not be liable for any loss or damage to owner’s recreational vehicle, automobile, shed, or property.
  3. Extra units 1 camping unit is permitted on each Seasonal site.(2 adults + up to 3 kids) No tents or additional camping units may be on a site without managements approval. Exemptions and overnight passes can be approved by management. No more then 8 people per site. Sites are non-transferable.
  4. Car passes must be fully affixed (no tape) to drivers side, inside windshield of the registered vehicle(s). Sharing car pass(s) is grounds for eviction. Motorcycles must be registered and obtain a pass.
  5. Personal Conduct To help ensure a pleasant experience for everyone at Hidden Creek Campground, inappropriate language, conduct and/or apparel/ flags with inappropriate words/images, that disturbs or disregards rights of others will not be tolerated and may be grounds for eviction. Drinking is allowed at your site and in an unmarked container or koozie on the grounds. Drinking under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited and enforced. Drug use of any kind is strictly prohibited and enforced. Public intoxication is strictly prohibited and enforced. Violation can result in eviction without a refund.
  6. Quiet Hours Daily 11p-8a. are the official Quiet Hours during which Members and their guests must refrain from loud noise, music, karaoke, motorcycle, etc .
  7. Driving/Parking Members and their guests must obey posted speed limits, 10mph on entry road and 5mph within camp; may not obstruct roads, drive excessively, park on grass, other sites or picnic areas
  8. Supervision Occupancy at the seasonal site or camping unit without supervision of the guest/member or permission by management is prohibited. Children or young adults are not allowed on premises without member supervision.
  9. Curfew Individuals under 18 years of age must obey curfew times daily at 11:00p or 15 minutes following a Hidden Creek event. Hidden Creek Campground reserves the right to enforce other curfews around the fishing lake, playground, common areas, pavilions and more.
  10. Guests/ Visitors make great memories. Guests are allowed and encouraged but must have a guest pass or pay daily admission. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Guests must leave by 11:00p. Guests not admitted after 8p without permission by management. Overnight guests must register in the camp office or security gate and pay additional overnight fee. Maximum 8 guests per site.
  11. Site use Members/guests may not sublet unit or site and cannot enroll children in area schools or use Hidden Creek Campground as their home address for any reason.
  12. Use of images/video by Hidden Creek LLC Members/guests may be photographed or videotaped for promotion of Hidden Creek Campground LLC. Members/guests waives any claims of intrusion, privacy or the like.
  13. Electric Seasonal and monthly members are responsible for payment of electric service. Meters are read every 30 days. Bills can be sent to your home address or emailed. Payment net 10 days. $20 late fee will be assessed monthly for unpaid bills. Does your RV/unit have LED lights, television or any led electronics_____ Do you have a surge protector ____Hidden Creek requires a surge protector for RV units with LED electronics and recommended on all other RV/units Hidden Creek Campground does not accept responsibility for damage or loss.
  14. Landscape & Maintenance Members must maintain a clean site, at all times, during the season. Trailers, sheds, patios and patio furnishings must be kept clean and maintained. Call management if power washing is needed. Vehicle washing is not permitted unless with a managers’ permission. All campsite landscape maintenance, mowing and trimming will be carried out by Hidden Creek management. Members/ guests are not permitted to mow, trim, remove trees or plants. Potted container plants are permitted.
  15. Site Limitations No permanent structures may be added to unit, no permanent roofs or decks. Units must have marine toilets and holding tanks if not on a full hook-up. Washers or dryers not allowed. Any member or guest running water or waste onto campground property will be evicted without a refund.
  16. Storage Sheds must be pre-approved for location, size, material and color prior to installation. Maximum size is 48sq ft exterior dimensions. Neutral colors only. No homemade buildings. A permit may be required and work must be completed by an insured and approved contractor. Sheds are available to seasonal members and require a $250 deposit plus a 2 year seasonal commitment.
  17. Trees, whether living or dead, may not be cut, nailed, defaced, damaged or have cords, clotheslines, swings, hammocks or ropes attached.
  18. Decks. All decks require a 2 year seasonal contract agreement and managers approval. Construction fees are shared by seasonal member and Hidden Creek for concrete patios only. Wood decks are permitted above grade and must have no railing. Size, color and material must be approved by management. Wood decks are full cost to seasonal members and require a $250 deposit. Decks must be taken down and removed before vacating site. Deposits are returned only if deck removal is completed before vacating site. All work must be completed by a licensed and approved contractor.
  19. Fire pits and picnic tables are provided at each campsite. Do not move tables or fire rings. Any damage to the fire rings or picnic tables will be the responsibility of member/guest and could result in eviction without refund.
  20. Fire Extinguishers All RV units must have a fire extinguisher for Class B or C fires.
  21. Bug lights bug lights cannot hang from trees. They are permitted within campsites only.
  22. Wood storage For seasonal members, firewood should be contained in a proper firewood rack. Maximum storage size 2 x 4′. All piles must be 6″ off the ground, neatly stacked.
  23. Gas tanks Free standing gas tanks must not be expired and need to be chained to trailer/unit and turned off prior to leaving.
  24. Garbage must be bagged and disposed of in dumpsters. Dispose of paper, cardboard, glass and plastic in recycle containers near pavilion. Bagged leaves and yard waste will be collected from your site if placed near the road or next to green dumpsters. Leaves may be burned in fire pit. No burning leaves on roadways or when water is off. Garbage from outside of Hidden Creek Campground may NOT be disposed of at the campground. Attempt to do so is grounds for eviction without a refund.
  25. Pets are allowed at Hidden Creek. Pets must be contained or controlled on a leash at all times. Dogs not allowed in buildings, beach, playground or swimming areas. No guard dogs or aggressive dogs. More than 2 pets per site requires management permission. Pets must have current rabies/distemper shots. Loud or incessant barking will not be tolerated. Owners must dispose waste in garbage cans. Pets are allowed off-leash only inside the dog park. Guests/ Members must obey all posted rules at the dog park.
  26. ATV’S, Mini bikes, motorized scooters, bb guns, slingshots, weapons, firearms, and guns without permit are not allowed on Hidden Creek Campground property. NO open carry of firearms permitted!
  27. Golf Carts/ Mobility Scooters are allowed with proof of campsite registration, insurance and approval from the camp management. Mobility scooters are allowed for guests with disabilities and all Individuals must register and comply with all golf cart/mobility scooter rules. Only an approved individual with a valid driver license may drive the golf cart or scooter. Golf carts are permitted after dark with operable headlights only. Flashlights are not a substitute for headlights. Carts must stay on gravel roadways and must keep off grass and other campsites. Park golf carts in designated parking areas only. Please observe all manufacturers safety and seating guidelines. Purchase of Golf Cart Permit, along with proof of current liability insurance must be on file in the office before using cart. Please put campsite number on golf cart so it can be easily seen or ask management for help. $50 seasonal permit fee and $25 fee for weekend or monthly guests. Be safe and enjoy this privilege!
  28. Bicycle and non-motorized scooter riders must obey STOP signs. No racing or reckless riding. No riding after dark. Motorized childrens vehicles may be used with immediate adult supervision.
  29. Drones are not permitted.
  30. Boats for use on fishing lake must not be motorized. Motorized fishing boats are not permitted. Kayaks, canoes, row boats and SUP boards are permitted. Launch in the designated boat area and abide by posted rules. Guests must be present if boats are on beach. Guests cannot leave boats on beach unattended. Boating hours 7am-7pm. Please where life vests while boating.
  31. Private piers & Fencing of any kind are not permitted.
  32. Swimming in the large lake is permitted in the roped off area by the beach. NO lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. Hidden Creek Campground is not responsible for death, injury or other loss due to swimming. Children under 16 years old must be supervised by an adult. Obey all posted rules at beach, lake, and pool. NO swimming after dark. NO swimming in the scenic pond. New pool opens 2018.
  33. Trespassing on storage buildings and maintenance areas, garages, barns and neighboring properties is strictly prohibited. Violation can result in eviction without a refund.
  34. Smoking cigarettes/ tobacco is permitted at your campsite only. No smoking is permitted on the trails, beach, playground, lawn, common areas, pavilion or any buildings.
  35. Emergencies at the campground call 911 then call 765-480-2862. For non-emergencies at the campground call 765-480-2862
  36. Campfires must be contained to fire ring provided. No fires permitted at beach or any other public or common area. All firewood must be purchased at Hidden Creek Campground or an approved Miami County retailer. Small sticks and branches, 2” or less, found around the campgrounds can be burned. Please review carefully our Firewood Policy posted below.
  37. Storing and Selling of Trailers is not permitted without managers approval. “For Sale” or unauthorized “Open House” signs not permitted on or in unit or at site without managements approval.
  38. Winter Storage is offered for a seasonal members unit with a paid deposit for the following season and $250 storage fee. Winterization of approved trailers must be completed by October 15, 2017. Winterization services can be provided through management for additional fee. No car storage at any time. Hidden Creek Campground is not responsible for any loss or damage to unit that occurs while in storage.
  39. Non-Renewal members can pay for winter storage (Oct 15- April 1st) for $350. Winterization of approved trailers must be completed by October 15, 2017. Winterization services can be provided through management for additional fees. No car storage at any time. Unit must be removed by April 1. Storage fees are assessed at $25 per day if unit is not removed by April 1st. Hidden Creek Campground is not responsible for any loss or damage to unit that occurs while in storage.
  40. Seasonal Member fees for 2017 due in full upon registration. Installment payments can be made prior to May 1st 2017
    • Fees must be paid in full at the time of registration or entry will be denied.
  • Non-Payment of Fees Hidden Creek Campground reserves the right to remove a trailer from a site at any time due to nonpayment of member fees and/or utility fees and by execution of this document, guests and members acknowledge these rules and member agrees and consents to such removal at member or guests expense.  Member is responsible for fees related to moving and storage of the unit. Hidden Creek is not responsible for any damages or loss of property as a result of move.
  • Collection If it is necessary to hire a collection agency or attorney, member will be responsible for the agency fee or attorney’s fee plus the amount owed to Hidden Creek Campground.
  • Returned Checks $30 charge NSF checks
  • Deposits $400 deposit is due Labor Day Weekend for 2018 season. All sites will become “open” for 2018 without deposits. Installment payments may be made prior to May 1st 2018.

Indiana State Laws

Right to Refuse Campgrounds are regulated by hotel/motel statutes and the manager has the right to evict without refunds. Management reserves the right to refuse service and to anyone and reserves all rights to assign camping and parking sites.

Utility. Sewer sleeves are required on all full hook-up sites. It is illegal to tamper with electric meters.

Firewood Policy. Do not bring firewood of any kind with you to our facility! This includes but not limited to tree branches, pallet wood, 2×4’s, etc. Firewood is sold at the general store for $5 bundle or $50 a rick. We need your help to protect Indiana forests. The emerald ash bore has killed more than 20 million ash trees in Indiana and surrounding states. Cutting trees or limbs is not permitted in the park, doing so will result in a $500 minimum fine.

The undersigned hereby does acknowledge the Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement and agrees to be bound by Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement of Hidden Creek Campground as set for therein.  The undersigned hereby likewise acknowledges that he/she will make known to any other occupant or guest the Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement of Hidden Creek Campground.

Guest Policy and Rates

Hidden Creek does permit non-member guests to visit Hidden Creek members at the campground. There are two types of guests allowed; Day Guests and Overnight Guests. All Guests require proper registration and appropriate fees. Members are permitted a maximum of 4 adult day guests and 4 children day guests. In addition, members are permitted Overnight Guests. However, at no time can any campsite have more then 8 people staying overnight with a 4 adult max. Members can reserve guest sites at the rate below. All guest fees must be paid at time of reservation. Members wanting larger Group Camp rates can contact matt@hiddencreekcampground.com for special group requests.

Day Guest Rates: 4 adults and 4 children per member per day max. Additional guests require managers approval. All Day Visitors must be off the property by 11pm. Members must complete a “Day Guest Reservation” before guests can be permitted. All Day Guests must park in designated Guest Parking lot.

Child (3 -18 yrs old) $3

Adult $6

Overnight Guests Rates: 8 people per site max. Additional guests require managers approval. Overnight Guests exceeding 8 people are required to reserve an additional site. Rates are based on a 24 hour stay. All Overnight Guests require criminal background checks and Hosting Members must complete the “Camp Host Agreement” before Overnight Guests can be permitted. All Overnight Guests must park in Guest Parking lot.

Child (3-18 yrs old) $6

Adult $15

Guest Camp Site Rates. All Hidden Creek Campsite are full hook-up sites with 50/30 amp electric towers. Each site is allowed 1 vehicle, 1 RV/Tent,  2 adults & 3 children. Additional campers and vehicles can be added at the rates stated on this page. No pets are permitted to non-members.

Daily  $55

Weekly $435

Additional Seasonal Members: This fee is for adding additional family members to your seasonal campsite agreement. Each additional adult is provided a gate key and is permitted on the grounds any time. Only 2 additional adults per site. Limit 8 people per agreement.
Adult Couples $250

Additional Member Vehicles: 2 primary vehicles are permitted per Member site agreement. Additional vehicles can be purchased at the rate below. All extra vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. Limit 4 cars per Member Site Agreement. Only 2 vehicles on a Member site at any time except for Basic sites. Only 1 vehicle permitted on a Basic site at any time.

3rd vehicle- $25 per season  4th vehicle- $40 per season


The use of the facilities at Hidden Creek Campground naturally involves the risk of injury or death, whether undersigned or as a result of the action or actions someone else . As such, the undersigned agrees that he or she understands and voluntarily accepts this risk and agrees that Team 26 LLP, d/b/a Hidden Creek Campground, and any of their affiliated entities or successors or any officer, director, member, agent, servant, volunteer or employee of the aforesaid (here in after collectively called “HCC”) will not be liable for any Injury or death, including and without limitation, personal, bodily or mental injury, economic loss or any physical or property damage to the undersigned, the undersigned’s spouse, the undersigned’s children, guest or relative (hereinafter collectively “GUEST”) resulting from Guests’ use of the facilities, including without limitation, as a result of the negligence of HCC or anyone else using the facilities. If there is any claim by anyone based on any injury, death, loss, or damage described herein, which involves the GUEST, the undersigned agrees to (a) defend HCC against such claims and pay HCC for all expenses relating to the claim including, but not limited to, my and all attorney’s fees, and (b) indemnify HCC for all obligations resulting from such claims. This document shall be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana. Any action at law, suit in equity, or other jurisdictional proceeding arising in connection with this document shall be instituted only in the courts of Miami County, Indiana.


The GUEST agrees to release from all liability, discharge and promise not to take legal action against (i) HCC; (ii) any other guest, visitor or person present or using the facilities or equipment of HCC; (iii) any designers, manufacturers or installers of the facilities or equipment of HCC including but not limited to activities on and around Hidden Creek Campground, for any and all harm or damage to the GUEST in connection with GUEST’S use of any HCC facilities or equipment including but not limited to or in connection with any activities sponsored by HCC whether or not such activities take place outside of any premises owned or operated by HCC. This Agreement releases HCC from any liability to GUEST, their heirs, next of kin, assigns or personal representatives for any losses or damages or claims or demand arising out of GUEST’S personal injuries, damage to property or GUEST’S death, even if HCC’s individual or collective negligence contributes to such personal injury, damage or death. The undersigned hereby waives any and all claims or actions that may arise against HCC, its owners, directors, employees or volunteers as a result of any such injury to any such person. Such risks include, but are not limited to:

  1. Injuries or death resulting from the negligence of the owners, operators, employees, or volunteer assistants of HCC; or the negligence of guests, visitors or persons who may be present at HCC; or the negligence of any designers, manufacturers or installers of the facilities or equipment of HCC.
  2.  Injuries or death resulting from the failure or misuse, by owners or by others, of HCC facilities or equipment of HCC;
  3. Injuries or death resulting from slips, trips, falls or other such accidents that occur while using the property grounds, facilities or equipment of HCC, or which may be caused by other persons use of the facilities or equipment of HCC;
  4. Injuries or death resulting from participating in and/or using equipment in connection with activities sponsored by HCC which may take place outside of any premises owned or operated by HCC;
  5. Injuries or death that occur from the negligence or lack of adequate training of those volunteers, agents or employees of HCC or death who seek to assist with medical or other help either before or after injuries have occurred.

The GUEST freely and voluntarily assumes complete personal responsibility for these risks and for the injuries or death that may occur as a result of these risks, even if such injuries or death occur in a manner that is not foreseeable at the time this Agreement is signed and will remain in affect for any and all subsequent visits to HCC.