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Seasonal MembershipPark Membership

1. Seasonal campsite reservation deposits are non-refundable between Labor Day and May 1st. $400 deposits reserve the campsite for the Seasonal Camper and convert to an amenity deposit when the agreement is executed. Seasonal Campers shall have first option to renew campsite agreement and retain same lot providing next seasons agreement is signed, as well as, all charges and fees have been previously paid.

2. A refundable amenity deposit of $400.00 is due at time of reservation and the balance of site fee is due on or before Agreement start date. All deposits/campsite fees are non-transferable. Exemptions can be made by management. In the event the full fee is not paid by Agreement start date, Land Owner has the right to refuse entry and reopen the reserved site for other applicants

3. Member/Seasonal Camper shall indemnify Land Owner and shall hold Land Owner harmless from and against any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, and expenses, including attorney fees, in connection with any occupant, invitee or guest in, upon or at the Campground arising out of or caused by the occupancy or use of the Campground or any part thereof when the same is occasioned, wholly or in part, by an act or omission of Member/Seasonal Camper, its occupant, invitee or guest including, without limitation, any accident, injury, or damage to any person or property, or by reason of Member/Seasonal Camper's default in the performance of Member/Seasonal Camper's obligation under this Agreement. If Land Owner shall, without fault on its part, be made a party to any litigation commenced by or against Member/Seasonal Camper, the Member/Seasonal Camper shall protect and hold Land Owner harmless and pay all costs, expenses and attorney fees incurred or paid by Land Owner in connection with such litigation. Member/Seasonal Camper's indemnification of Land Owner under this section shall survive the expiration or termination of this Agreement.

4. Land Owner shall not be liable to Member/Seasonal Camper and Member/Seasonal Camper hereby waives all claims against Land Owner, for: any injury or damage to any person or property in or about the Campground, or any equipment becoming out of repair or for the interruption of electrical service or any other service to the Campsite, any act or neglect of Land Owner or of other persons or occupants or employees in the Campground; or any other thing or circumstance whatsoever. All property in or about the Campsite belonging to Member/Seasonal Camper, its guests or invitees shall be there solely at the risk of the Member/Seasonal Camper. If Land Owner fails to perform any of Land Owner's obligations under this Agreement, the judgment shall be satisfied only out of the proceeds of any insurance proceeds and no Officer or Member of Land Owner shall be personally liable for any deficiency.

5. A copy of the current 2018 Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement and Waiver of Liability are attached and become a part of this Campsite Agreement. Member/Seasonal Camper agrees to observe and comply with all such rules. Any violations of these Terms, Rules and Policies shall be deemed a breach of this Agreement. Land Owner may make changes to these Terms, Rules and Policies, at any time without notice. Member/Seasonal Camper acknowledges receipt of current existing Waiver of Liability and Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement annexed to this Agreement.

6. This Agreement shall be binding on all persons using Seasonal Camper's Campsite. Seasonal Camper shall pay all costs, expenses, and attorney fees that may be incurred or paid by Land Owner in enforcing the terms and conditions of this Agreement as permitted by law.

By signing this Agreement, I (we) am (are) hereby acknowledging that all Members and Seasonal Campers, occupants, family members, guests, and invitees have read and understand the Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement, Waiver of Liability, as well as this Seasonal Campsite Agreement, and that all such individuals agree to be bound by and comply with the terms of these Agreements and the Terms, Rules and Policies Agreement as posted and/or received.

Hidden Creek requires a background check for all members.

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